Environmental and sustainability coordinator for development projects within Nacka Municipality

Contact info: Anders Elam, anders.elam@atrax.se, +46 (0)70-816 78 60

Since 2018, Atrax has had the role as the overall coordinator of environmental and sustainability aspects for the development of Nacka City.

Photo: Nacka Municipality

Environmental manager and coordinator for E4 The Förbifart Stockholm project

Contact info: Tomas Holmström, tomas.holmstrom@atrax.se, +46 (0)70-235 95 02

Atrax had the role as environmental manager and coordinator in the project, including environmental support for planning and follow-up of targeted environmental inventories, as well as handling overall environmental issues and more.

Photo: From visit on site at Akalla, September 19 2019

Sustainability administrator Arenastaden for the Administration for Extended Metro

Contact info: Erica Rodén, erica.roden@atrax.se, +46 (0)73-781 83 35

Atrax has the role as administrator of sustainability management in Project Arenastaden – extension of the metro line between Odenplan and Arenastaden.

Photo: Region Stockholm

Occupational health and safety specialist for E4 The Stockholm Bypass project, Kungens kurva contract

Contact info: Tommy Holmgren, tommy.holmgren@atrax.se, +46 (0)73-511 93 92

Atrax supports the Swedish Transport Administration with occupational health and safety coordination during the construction phase (BAS-U) in Kungens kurva including the tunnel project Söder.

Photo: Atrax

Occupational health and safety administrator for Täby municipality, development of large projects

Contact info: Tove Bäckström, tove.backstrom@atrax.se, +46 (0)70-570 21 00

Atrax supports Täby Municipality with an occupational health and safety administrator at the Department for Large Projects. Development of different areas is underway with many parallel ongoing projects within the municipality.

Photo: Täby Municipality

Railway plan manager, Mälarbanan from Huvudsta and Duvbo

Contact info: Åsa Malmborg, asa.malmborg@atrax.se, +46 (0)70-542 53 09

Atrax has the role as railway plan manager for the Mälaren Line Project, expansion from two tracks to four including new commuter train stations. Atrax is currently working with the section Huvudsta to Duvbo, and was previously involved in work with the plan for Duvbo to Spånga.

Photo: Atrax

Project manager EIA for the new metro between Akalla and Barkarby

Contact info: Åsa Malmborg, asa.malmborg@atrax.se, +46 (0)70-542 53 09

The assignment as project manager involved managing consultants in the development of EIA as well as managing the EIA process including consultations with the public, the county administrative board and other relevant authorities. The assignment also included coordinating environmental issues related to permit applications for water operation.

Photo: Region Stockholm

Environmental consultant for the development project Barkarbystaden in Järfälla Municipality

Contact info: Sara Levin, sara.levin@atrax.se, +46 (0)70 938 15 74

Atrax was assigned by Skanska for the Barkarbystaden development project in Järfälla, to work with environmental investigations, risk assessments, excavation and classification schemes and more.

Photo: Atrax

Environmental consultant for investigation of the presence of sulphides within the planning area Skärholmsdalen, part of Skärholmen 2:1

Contact info: Rasmus Fältmarsch, rasmus.faltmarsch@atrax.se, +46 (0)73-34 79 754

Atrax works for the City of Stockholm (Exploateringskontoret) as an environmental specialist regarding acidic rock drainage due to the presence of sulphides in bedrock.

Photo: Atrax