Occupational Health
& Safety


Contaminated Sites

Contaminated areas can pose risks to the environment and human health. The contaminants can originate from ongoing or historical activities or even from the geological development of the area such as the presence of sulphides in bedrock.

We can help our clients through the entire process of managing contaminated sites – from inventory and investigations to the completion of suggested measures. We have extensive experience working with assignments in contaminated sites and we support both private and public sectors. Our consultants are specialists regarding interpretation of environmental legislation, dialogue with authorities as well as designing investigation programs and execution of field work. Atrax also has a group of consultants with extended experience working with sulphide contamination in soil and bedrock. We  offer guidance in planning, investigation, analysis and classification as well as suggesting mitigating measures. We have a unique possibility to assist our clients in this difficult area.

Example of services provided:

  • Inventory of present and previous operations of potentially contaminated sites, desktop study (phase I)
  • Investigation; sampling and analyses of materials (such as soil, water, sediment, air and building materials): The results will be assessed and classified according to guideline values set by the Environmental Protection Agency (phase II)
  • Risk assessment; simplified and in-depth assessments, general or site-specific
  • Remedial investigations; recommendation of appropriate measures
  • Permit applications and registrations; dialogue with authorities
  • Design phase; detailed planning for remediation, drawings and health and safety
  • Field work; ensure that the measures are carried out in accordance with the permits
  • Reporting and completion of performed remediation
  • Monitoring program; designing and carrying out programs in accordance with requirements from authorities

For more information, contact Sara Levin:, +46 (0)70-938 15 74


Atrax offers several services within sustainable development. Our consultants have broad expertise and long experience in the field. We manage and follow up sustainability aspects in development projects as well as businesses, where our clients are from both the private and the public sector.

We have a broad experience of working with infrastructure projects, urban planning and business development and we can offer support in strategic planning, management and follow-up of sustainability aspects during all stages of a project. We have many years of experience working within the energy sector where we have worked with different issues concerning the production and introduction of bio-fuels at both national and international level.

Examples of services provided:

  • Strategy, development and communication; sustainability communication, designing strategies and goals as well as strategic advising
  • Governance, coordination and monitoring; sustainability coordination, audits, requirement and legislation monitoring, environmental and sustainability certifications, management systems in quality, environment and energy as well as work with goal management, goal monitoring and the UN sustainable development goals
  • Courses, inspirational lectures and workshops; in areas such as basic environmental and sustainability understanding, sustainability certifications and management systems
  • Investigations and assessments; materiality analysis, GAP analysis, stakeholder analysis, civil dialogues, social impact assessments, child impact analysis, life cycle analysis, climate analysis, carbon footprint calculations and environmental impact assessments as well as market studies, competition analysis and technology evaluations within the energy sector
  • Sustainable procurement; designing sustainability programs and sustainability requirements for tender documentation

For more information, contact Erica Rodén:, +46 (0)73-781 83 35

Occupational Health & Safety

Atrax has several experienced consultants with long-term experience in the field of occupational health and safety. For example, we help our clients by providing services in systematic health and safety work, performing risk assessments as well as coordinating health and safety work in projects during the different stages from planning and design phase to construction.

Example of services provided:

  • Systematic health and safety work
  • Occupational health and safety coordinators during planning and design phase (BAS-P) as well as during construction phase (BAS-U)
  • Risk assessments, design and follow-up of health and safety plans and emergency response plans
  • Lead and / or participate in safety inspections
  • Compliance and implementation of law and specific requirements
  • Courses in health and safety trainings in the Work Environment Act and its regulations

For more information, contact Tove Bäckström:, +46 (0)70-570 21 00

Project Management

Atrax’ consultants have a solid experience with project management and strategy within infrastructure, environmental services and construction industry and we can provide services regarding management and governance of land development, infrastructure and industry projects. We can take on roles within project management and design management as well as other leading roles related to project management within projects of varying magnitudes. Our project managers have a long experience working in every phase of a project, from planning to completion, where our main focus lies on early project phases regarding road and railway plans and permits as well as the consultation process.

Examples of services provided:

  • Project manager in infrastructure and urban planning projects
  • Project manager during projects regarding introduction of bio-fuels
  • Project manager during early planning stages, design stage as well as construction stage
  • Project manager with focus on environmental issues

For more information, contact Anja Olsson:, +46 (0)79-103 29 99